Response from Winner #1

It was so wonderful to get this response from Winner #1 when I emailed her with the review. I had hoped to contribute something valuable to the writing community, but offering encouragement to not give up on your manuscript and always chase down your dreams was a natural extension, and so much more rewarding than any developmental help I could offer. I was positively beaming, and actually printed it out to hang on my cubicle wall!

Submissions for the next contest will be accepted until this Friday at 6:00 p.m. Please submit, and spread the word!




Wow!! Thank you so much! Such a positive review! I have been so hard on myself, convinced that it was terrible!! The positive reinforcement is amazing!! Thank you so much. I have been struggling with both Sarah and Jay’s voices. Still not sure how better to differentiate them. I would welcome ideas…
Loving this contest. Such a good idea. I don’t have any more comments about the contest at the moment, other than to offer my heartiest thanks. I am a FAN!
Thanks again

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